June 15, 2020
M12AR Grey
June 15, 2020


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Semi-Auto Shotgun

12 GA
Shoots 2 ¾”and 3”shells
Picatinny Rail
Chrome lined barrel
4-Position gas system for adjustments based on loads
Fits Rem Choke tubes
Comes with two 5 round magazines
Barrel Length: 18.7”
Overall Length: 37.99”
Aluminum forearm with MLok Slots and Two Side Plates
Removable Front and Rear Sights

17 reviews for M12AR

  1. Nick

    Excellent design, but really picky about the ammo and long break-in period. Also cant find any aftermarket parts yet.

  2. Troy Denton

    I purchased my m12ar and right away was cycling high brass flawlessly very finicky with the low brass but thats to be expected. It’s built very nice good quality parts used on this firearm

  3. WSR

    Just picked up a JTS M12AR at Academy Sports . I’ve put 25 rounds through it , both low & high brass and haven’t had any problems. The first round stove-piped on ejection with the gas setting on #1 . I changed it to setting #2 and from then on it cycled perfectly with both the low & high brass 2 3/4″ & 3″ .
    I’m interested in finding some extended mags for the AR model . The only things I can find about ex-mags are for the AK model , nothing for the AR . Any information would be appreciated .

  4. Edward G Mendiola

    I am so glad I read the reviews don’t want to invest lots of money into this shotgun if I can’t have extended least Rockland Island Armory shotgun has 9 round magazine.
    Once you guys come up with large-capacity magazines notify me then I will buy it I appreciate your time and thank you.

  5. Edward G Mendiola

    Would like to know about drum fed capabilities for the m12ar.

  6. Nathan Hamblin

    So far I love this gun. I’ve only put 50 rounds or so through it so far. Im running 2 3/4 inch 1 oz rifled slugs. On the 2nd round the shell casing didn’t completely eject. I changed the gas setting from 1 to 2 and it ran perfect the rest of the day. My question is, are there any plans to make larger capacity magazines? 5 rounds run quickly with a semiauto shotgun lol. This is my personal opinion but if there are not any larger capacity magazine in the works I will probably sell the gun and buy a saiga or something that gives me the option to have more rounds.

  7. Tony Nicholson

    I’ve only thrown a dozen rounds through it using 7-8 load and I love it.
    The M12AR is a great gun.

  8. D. KRANE

    Looking for 10 round mags. Are there any 10 round mags from other comparable shotguns thatcan be the JTS-M12AR??

  9. Mario Coleman

    Just shot it the other day on the range, 50 rounds, 3in. High velocity brass, gas setting at 2. I romoved the choke that was in the barrel, and replaced with the muzzle break that came with the rifle.. I just done shoot a 12 guage pump so The I was expecting the same type of recoil, To my surprise and my shooting instructors surprise the M12 had literally no recoil and shot perfectly.. please notify me when the larger capacity mags come out

  10. Michael Meyers

    What is the secret on turning the regulator dial I can’t seem to turn it just bought the gun thank you

  11. Trey

    This is a beast of a shotgun. Have been wanting a tactical 12 gauge for years and after reading reviews decided to buy the AR12…no regrets. Love the 10 round mags. Just wish I could get replacement parts.

  12. Ramathorn

    Purchased the m12ar about 2 weeks ago and put close to 100 shots with both high and low brass flawlessly, so steady, so mean, so pretty so affordable! I love this gun! Would love to know more about aftermarket pieces!

  13. Derrick

    Just bought yesterday and it cycled well with low brass on #2 setting. I do notice a 10 round mag for sale on the site (which I will be purchasing), but is there a sling that I can purchase so it can be carried like an AR?

  14. Derrick

    Loving the gun, going to purchase the 10 round mags. Is there a sling I can purchase so that it can be carried like an AR?

  15. Dane

    I just got the M12AR from Sportsman Warehouse. I am impressed by how well it cycles all of the shells I put thru it. I have run High and Low Brass and so far, all is well. You need to adjust the gas settings for each type of shell, but thats to be expected. The settings are as follows:
    “0” is for manual operation or ‘single shot’ use such as breaching
    “1” is for 3 INCH shells
    “2” is for shooting shells with a load that is less than 1-1/8 OZ. 2.75″ shells, 1350-1600 FPS
    “3” is for shooting shells with a load that is less than 1 OZ. 2.75″ shells, 1250-1450 FPS

    As this one breaks in more, we will see how well it performs, but I see a bright future for the JTS M12AR. Thanks you JTS Group!

  16. Eric Duvall Gray

    Is there any Drum Mags available for this weapon?

  17. Jett McIntyre

    I got mine about a year ago and it’s been pretty good, but I had to shoot high brass to get it to eject. Also not very much aftermarket support for it.

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