M12AR 10 Round Mag
December 19, 2019
June 15, 2020


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Semi-Auto Shotgun

12 GA
Shoots 2 ¾”and 3”shells
Picatinny Rail
Chrome lined barrel
4-Position gas system for adjustments based on loads
Fits Rem Choke tubes
Comes with two 5 round magazines
Barrel Length: 18.7”
Overall Length: 39.37”

12 reviews for M12AK

  1. Terry

    Great shotgun!! Adjustable gas system makes it work with all shotshell loads. Zero problems. Well made shotgun.

  2. Jaret Dupont

    Love this shotgun. Very accurate with little kick

  3. RC

    Awsome shotgun!!

  4. Ben

    This is a great shotgun for home defense. I suggest 4 shot shells.

  5. Joshua Moore

    Well at first it took a few days to get a reply from customer support but they got back to me and next day shipped my parts with a few extras. I am greatful for the support team for doing that. And I can honestly say I have put a shit ton of shells through this shot gun and it hasn’t slipped up once. I only noticed the piston had small cracks when I went to clean it. So my hats off to you guys.

  6. Fred

    Sweet shooting 12 gauge . Very little kick to it. A little on the heavy side but a good all around gun.

  7. Double Brewski

    I purchased this shotgun as an early birthday present for myself a couple of months ago. When I first saw the price, I thought there was no way it could be a good quality product; Not for half the price of comparible 12 gauges. I began researching it online. All of the reviews I read were very positive, so I decided to buy it. My gunsmith friend even said “Don’t waste your money.” When I took it home, he opened up the dust cover and began a full inspection. His skepticism started to fade as he got a good look at it’s guts. Then, we took it to the range. Shooting targets out of the air was never more fun! On rare occasion, we did have some ejection issues with some of the low recoil game loads, but high brass rounds and buckshot fired smoothly. After several trips to the range over the last few weeks I have had less hangups with various types of shells than more expensive semi-auto shotguns on the market. Now with my 10 round magazines, I have a firearm that functions great for skeet shooting or home defense, as well as turning heads out on the range. Considering how the Saiga 12’s jumped up in value, I am tempted to buy one more and leave it new in box as an investment for the future. It has great features such as the easy adjustable gas system, optic rail, hinged dust cover, and taking standard Remington chokes is a plus. My only real complaints are the lack of available drums and stock options. Though drums are bulky, heavy, don’t fit in pockets and are highly overated. All in all, I am very pleased and would highly recommend this M12AK for anyone who has wanted a Saiga but can’t justify the price.

  8. Marcus Paley

    Overall, its the funniest shotgun I’ve ever handled. With a added flex sight you can easier hit targets at 75 yards. Primarily firing slugs and buckshots over 1500 velocity runs much better using 3″ shells. I concur that the only complaint is the stock limitation for a strap, and it would be nice to have a rail to add a grip. Though a drum would be nice, but 10 rds is still a blast. I am considering purchasing the T1 model and using the current one to customize.

  9. Adam Bloomfield

    I really love this shotgun. It performs as it is supposed too, I really like the tactical feel and look to it. It is a blast too shoot. I would recommend this to anyone on a budget who is wanting or needing a great shotgun.

  10. Johnny Mac

    So far it has shot pretty much flawlessly. The very first shell stovepiped but nothing since. I shot only high brass shells. I’ve shot everything from 1150fps to 1550fps and not a problem with any of it. Only bummer I had was trying to get my neighbor’s SAIGA magazines to fit into it and they didn’t want to. Otherwise an awesome 12ga that will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger and I really recommend this little baby.

  11. Ed

    Got this on Black Friday 2020. Shot about 200 rounds since, not a single issue. I love this gun.
    Only downside is the weight and bulk. I replaced the grip with a Magpul rubber grip. The other version of this gun has an Mlok handguard. I wish JTS would sell that hand guard separately so I could swap it out. When I bought my gun it was the only version available..

  12. Condor 6 One

    Nice Shotgun with a great price.
    Picked it up from Rural King spring of 2021.
    Love to shoot it but I wish It would have came with two ten round mags and not the fives.
    Great value and we’ll made

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