M12AK 5 Round Mag
May 9, 2019
M12AR 10 Round Mag
December 19, 2019

M12AK 10 Round Mag

(16 customer reviews)



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M12AK 10 Round Mag

16 reviews for M12AK 10 Round Mag

  1. Fred Hicks

    works great. set just like the 5 round.

  2. fred

    Mag works just fine. went back and ordered 2 more. Fair price compared to other shotgun mags.

  3. Austin

    for that price,is 1 mag or 2 mag. very much interested

  4. jj negrete

    can we get a 20-30 rd drum please

  5. vershaun domino

    Drums please
    Love the prices

  6. Peter Gun

    Ordered Three Ten Round Mags. Factory JTS Magazines Work The Best.

  7. Diego Cabrera

    I just ordered the M12AK 12G, I would like to purchased 2 10rds. Mags from you but they are Sold Out per your website, Can you please email the availability on those Mags? Thanks

  8. Mark Molinario

    Please update me when these are back in stock.

  9. Dmon LaBranch

    Purchase the mk12 ga. Would love to have the 10 rd. Can i be notified when there back in stocks thanks #JTS rocks

  10. Nick Wilson

    Drum mags would be great!

  11. Brian Gillespie

    need drums 20 and 30 rds

  12. Ronald Woodward

    Received my mags, love the look of the 10 round mags. Test fired 20 rounds through the two mags no issues like it better than the metal ones I have seen.

  13. Harron

    Would like to purchase the 10rd mags…please contact me so i can purchase.

  14. Jeff Solomon

    I thought I was getting two mags but still a great price. It fits perfectly snug, can’t wait for a 20round drum!!

  15. Cj

    I just have a question I have the M12AR version does anyone know if the maxwell and feed are the same?

  16. Omar

    Nice tight mag

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