2020 Shot Show
February 6, 2020
SOP Press Release
July 15, 2021


  1. John J Tav says:

    I like that M-Lok Handguard look. Will you be offering that handguard as an accessory for M12AK shotgun for those who already own one?

    • Tom Horner says:

      I too , would like to purchase the T-1 aluminum hand guard for my M12AK Shotgun. Any information as to if and when that may be available?

  2. Pat Paterson says:

    I just ordered the M12AK-T1, is there any recommendation for break-in ammo?

  3. Michael Cagle says:

    I would like to have that forward handgaurd and a 20 rd drum when you make 1

  4. William J Lyons says:

    I also would like to know if the M-Lok forward hand guard will fit my M12AK replacing the original handguard? I have need to mount a light additionally with my red dot which is on the picatinny rail.

  5. Nathan Ham says:

    I need one of these m lok hand guards for my ak12..If these are available please take my money and send me one

  6. Bryan Williams says:

    Yes I would like the mlok hand guard for my jts

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