2018 Shot Show
January 28, 2018
M12AR available now
July 18, 2018


  1. Mario says:

    High capacity magazines for the m12 ar

  2. Greg says:

    Do your adjustable stocks on your M12AR fit a M12AK?


  3. Douglas A. Minter says:

    Where can i get a set of those choke/muzzle for my M12AK 12GA 2-3/4″-3″?

  4. Vincet says:

    Where can I get a drum magazine for my JTS m12ak?

  5. Kenny says:

    I have a M12AK. I purchased my 10 round mags from JTS. From every thing I have researched, they say that all the Saiega mags and drums will fit the JTS. Don’t take my word, but alot of the review videos show them using the drum. Good shooting!

  6. John Jenkins says:

    Is there a 12 round magazine available?

  7. I am interested in finding more torque tubes for my m12ar

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