Dealer Repair Request

For Shotgun


Before sending your gun in for service please read the FAQs and your owner’s manual.

If you are experiencing problems with your gun, often the performance can be improved by following recommendations in the FAQs or manual.

Optimal performance can be achieved by:

· Properly cleaning the gun.

· Using the optimal gas port setting for the ammunition you are shooting.

· Using high quality ammunition.

· Breaking-in the gun by shooting between 50 and 75 rounds.


If you feel your gun STILL needs to be sent to JTS for service:

1. Please follow the instruction to pack it, then, send it to us directly. Meantime, please fill out the following "Dealer Repair Request" Form.

2. Ensure the firearm is completely unloaded.

It is dangerous and illegal to ship a loaded firearm through the mail.

Visually and physically check both the chamber and the magazine.

If for any reason the gun cannot be completely unloaded prior to shipping, send an email to for assistance.

3. Prepare your unloaded gun for shipping.

Put the chamber plug in place to prevent the bolt from contacting the forend.

Pack your firearm in the original box, if you have it.

Insure the package for the replacement value of the gun.

4. Ship the unloaded firearm to us.

Once you submit the dealer repair request form, our system will send the returned address to you automatically.

5. Return information for serviced firearms:

Upon completion of service, firearms will be returned to the dealer address you provided.

An adult signature will be required upon delivery for all firearms.

When emailing Customer Service to receive updates on product being serviced, please include RA number on the subject line.

For Scope

Please fill out the following "Dealer Repair Request" form, and attach all the documents, then, send the returned package to us. Once you submit the dealer repair request form, our system will send the returned address to you automatically.

Dealer Repair Request Form

1, Please copy the RA number, and paste it in the following form and fill in all the detail info for our record.

RA Number: 061821377

Note: when you refresh the broswer, the RA number will be regenerated.

2, After you submit the form, you will also receive your form by email, and please print out it and put it with the return package, and send it to us.

    Dealer Info:

    RA Number (*)
    Dealer Name (*)
    Dealer Address (*)

    The copy of Dealer FFL (*)

    Product Info:

    Describe the problem (*)